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Every business can benefit from advertising, branding and marketing. Not every business has the time, knowledge or resource to hire an employee to specifically fill that function. That’s where Innovative Content Marketing (ICM) can fill in the gap.

ICM conducts market surveys to identify who your potential customers are and how best to reach them. We have innovative experience and knowledge about advertising, branding and marketing services available in New Mexico. ICM can develop materials, build advertisement campaigns and guide you to spend your marketing budget in the most effective way possible.

Internet marketing is by the far the most efficient way to spend your advertising dollars. ICM can provide a package of services starting with building new or renovating antiquated websites.

During and after the creation or your website we will integrate various methods to expand the visibility of your products and services.

Search engine optimization is encouraged but not required. There are multiply ways to publicize on the web and boost traffic to your website.

Print Media refers to all branded printed materials.

  • Business cards, brochures, letterhead, logo memorabilia
  • Go Big with banners, vehicle wraps, store front signage
  • Mail coupons, postcards, product brochures
  • Get printed in magazines articles and publication advertising

ICM can help you determine how to design and distribute these materials for best results in advertising and branding your company.

Community Outreach

Community outreach involves ways of reaching out into the community. Corporate and Community Sponsorship is a great way to help non profit organizations in your community and brand your company name at the same time.

Newsletters and hosting events can create community around what your business has to offer.

ICM can help you identify, contact and work with the administrators of an event or organization. We can help you plan for success.

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