Host an event at your store or office.

host an event

Host an event at your store or office.

The key to business success is to get customers to “walk in the door.” Providing an occasion for foot traffic can be achieved if you host an event at your business. From concepts of a grand opening to hosting classes, speakers or social mixers you can create reasons for customers to walk in the door that are interesting, educational, and/or entertaining.

Your business provides products and services that are special to your industry.

  • Invite the community in for refreshments.
  • Host a Speaking Engagement featuring an expert in the field.
  • Offer a class.

There are many different ways to welcome customers and potential customers into your store of office. Consider what you could offer and let us make it happen. Events take planning and time to advertise and make your audience aware so they can participate.

In order to successfully host an event consider this list of factors:

1. Appeal to your target customer. Who are your customers and what do they want? If you sell craft supplies, offering craft classes is a generous gift to the community. What can you offer your customers to encourage them to want to do more business with you?

2. Invite your supporting businesses. There are other businesses that support you, allow them to attend to expand on your capabilities.

3. Determine the best day and time. Who is your client base and what schedules would work best for them to show up? What time window will allow for the best turn out?

4. Plan for comfort. Do you need tables and chairs? Are you serving refreshments? Will you do give-aways? Collecting business cards for drawings is a great way to obtain contact info.

5. Show people what you’re made of. During the event, make sure that you provide excellent customer service and effectively showcase your products or services.

6. Ask people to sign in. It is not presumptuous to ask participants to give contact information. This will be a way that you can reach out again for other events or business opportunities.  It is appropriate to ask for name, address, email, phone number. Create comfort by making it voluntary and let them know you will not distribute their information.

7. Measure the business impact of the event. Attendance is the tell on how successful the event is. Accruing business afterwards it a better one. Track afterwards by asking customers if they were at the event and if they’d be interested in attending a similar future event.

The desired effect when you host an event to increase business. Contact ICM today for ideas and planning assistance.

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