Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

is how the internet decides which sites have what content.

search engine optimization

There are literally hundreds of millions of websites globally. How can your website help possibly be found in search?

Search Engine Optimization

Within each website there are ways to communicate with search engines like Google, Bing, Ask, etc., exactly what information, products or services can be found on your site. This technique is SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

Typically, website managers, or web masters, focus on Google and Bing because those are the top two places people go to look for info. The standards for SEO for just these two change frequently change and need to be monitored and edited accordingly.

The care and attention needed to get noticed in search takes knowledge, time and attention. If you don’t have someone in your business who knows how and has the time to focus on this, ICM can help.  We provide SEO for small local business. Some of the different tasks can include keyword research, on page SEO, blogging, portfolios.

SEO can operate independently of paid ads, these results are referred to as organic. Pay Per Click management is available. While SEO is not required for Adwords Accounts, it is emphatically recommended.

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