Why do you need website development?

I hate to say it but, “Everyone’s doing it.” You need website development because consumers are more likely to look for a website before any other method of shopping. Your website needs to be able to answer any number of questions at first look (i.e. on your home page)

What is this company? Your company name

Why is your company credible? Experience, knowledge, track record

What does your company do? Product, service, informational

Who is the target market? The demographics as well as buyer status

What can visitors do on you site? Find, buy, read, learn, interact

What should your visitor do next? This one is really important or else they will hit the back button and go back to search results. We call this a bounce.

Imagine you go to a party. You got directions and show up at the house. You may see right away that there are lots of people there and decide to stay. You may see only a few and go in anyway. When you get inside if it looks like no fun, you leave! This is why you need website development. Your site needs to look like the party of your information, product or service at first glance and stay true to form after folks walk into the door.

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